Why are these contacts showing up as unsubscribed?

In ActiveDEMAND, a contact record becomes unsubscribed if one or more of the associated email addresses are in the 'unsubscribed' state. This is indicated by this symbol on one of the email addresses on the contact record:


If the contact has one or more email addresses that show this symbol, the platform will not send marketing emails to this contact.

How Do Unsubscribes Work?

A contact's email address can become unsubscribed if one or more of the following events occur:

  • The contact unsubscribes by clicking an 'unsubscribe' link in one of the emails sent to one of the contact's email addresses
  • Someone who has access to the record from within the platform unsubscribes the contact manually by
    • browsing to the contact record and clicking the unsubscribe icon:mceclip1.png
    • using a bulk edit on the all contacts screen
    • importing the contact and mapping the 'unsubscribed' field to a column that has a value of 'true'
  • The contact has the field 'unsubscribed' set to 'true' using a workflow action within an automation
  • The contact has the 'unsubscribed' field set to true using an API call via Zapier or some other external integration (like a CRM)
  • The contact was sent an email that 'hard bounced'
  • The contact soft bounces

The best path to diagnose how a specific contact unsubscribed is to open the contact record, click on the activity tab. 


Checking for bounces:

Using the global filters: On the all contacts screen you can filter the database to see which contacts have bounced:


Using the contact activity timeline: On the activity tab, filter the timeline for 'error' and look for Email Errors:



Checking for contact unsubscribe events:

On the activity tab, filter for unsubscribe


The contact history event should give you a good indication as to how the contact was unsubscribed.


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