Adding a Form to a WIX Site

Here are the steps to help you add a form to your WIX site.

  1. Add an HTML block to your page where you want the form to be.
  2. View the page live and find the HTML ID for the block by right clicking on it and 'inspecting'. It should look like thisWIX_Inspect.png
  3. Copy the HTML ID and place it into the following script along with your Form ID that you want to show up on this page WIX_ID.png
  4. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Custom Code
  5. Add/edit the Head Custom Code and place your tracking script as well as the code above into the code snippet section WIX_Custom_Code.png
  6. Add the tracking script to the head of all pages
  7. Add your custom code for the form to the head of ONLY the pages with the form on it.


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