Setting up Campaign Goals

A Campaign Goal is the desired outcome for the given initiative within a Campaign. Every ActiveDEMAND Campaign has a goal-setting section that allows you to track one or more desired outcomes for the given campaign. Common goals are 'filled out this form', or 'purchased', etc.  




Goal Types

There are two types of Goals:

  1. Contact History (Activity) 
  2. Contact Change (metadata updated)


Contact History (Activity) Goals

Whenever a contact does something trackable, the system will log a 'Contact History' for that action. These actions trigger workflows, automated analysis, and initiate a check to see if that activity completed a configured goal in one or more campaigns. A contact history item created on a contact triggers the check to see if that contact 'signal' pushed the prospect across the goal line (and completes a goal).  If you configure an activity based goal to be filtered based on some metadata query (custom field etc), the only way a field change will complete a goal is if the field change is done manually (as that creates a 'user changed' history item on the contact, or if the contact records some history item. Thus if a field is changed via any other means, the only way this contact will be checked to see if it completed a goal is when a history item is created for that contact. Any history type can be used to trigger a goal


Contact Change Goals

This goal type is not checked based on contact activity. For this goal type, the system polls the campaign participants on a regular basis, comparing contact field data to the goal query. A contact will complete this goal if it matches the goal query while the campaign is active. If a contact receives communication from this campaign and then exits the campaign, the contact will still complete the goal if it matches the goal query at a later time. This type of goal can only be completed one time by a given contact.


Goal Tags (Classification)

As goals can be configured for any campaign, it is useful to be able to classify your goals across campaigns. For example, you may have a goal that is 'asks for a quote', or 'purchased an item', etc. Instead of having to name your goals in a specific way to analyze performance, you can set up Goal Tagging to classify your goals.  In your goal query, you can assign one or more Goal Tags to the goal.


Make sure to hit 'Enter' after typing the goal or it will not save. After hitting Enter you will see it with the green background. Make sure to then click on SAVE & CLOSE.



Note: Tagging a Goal will not update previously completed goals

If you are looking to add a tag to a goal, do this before your campaign goes live. The configured goal tags are added to the goal for a contact when the contact completes the goal.


If you are using Goal Tags, all dashboard widgets that reference a goal completion will expose a new filter option (filter by goal tag). 


Goal tags also work for roll-up reports. As a rollup report is executed from a master account, the master account MUST have the Goal Tags configured to filter the sub-account data.


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