Funnel Editor Landing Pages, Marketing Channels, and Marketing Campaigns - Reference


Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels represent marketing initiatives that are being used to apply pressure to an audience of people with the intent of enticing the prospects to take some specific action.



Packages: Small Business Marketer, Corporate Marketer

Type: Marketing Channel
Description: This element is used to describe a specific marketing channel. You can specify the associated UTM parameters for a specific element. If you choose the custom element, you can choose a relevant icon.

Landing Pages


Packages: Small Business Marketer, Corporate Marketer

Type: Landing Page
Description: These elements represent landing pages in your marketing funnel. You can configure which landing page the element refers to. This element will also give you the option to assign a page image. If the element is connected to an ActiveDEMAND page, a page edit shortcut will be presented.

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